A Valuable New Service

for Film / TV / Web

Directors, Writers & Music Supervisors 


Are you  “Wed to the Temp Track” ...

Found the Perfect Track with the Wrong Lyric ...

Found the Perfect  Lyric over the Wrong Track ...

Wish you had “this” lyric over “that” track ...

Found the “Perfect Everything”....

Except the License is Beyond Your Budget ?

Then you need


Sonic Signature



We Perfectly recreate the sound, vibe, groove, feel……

 all the Sonic Qualities of the tracks you and your client really want ……….Without Sampling……..

using all new, original compositional elements

(including vocals/lyrics, if required)


You get New, Original Music that

Replicates the Sonic Signature you want,

Without Copyright Infringment

for a single track, or an entire project,

under a Single License

for Less Cost in Time and Money

than “library music”.

Step One:  Compare the following Billboard Top Ten Tracks.... which we have recreated ... without any sampling of the original...  (Note: the Opening Instrumental section is our recreation.  When the vocals appear, that is the original  "on radio" track)
Step Two:  Now ask us to create a totally new composition (Melody, Lyric, Chords, Bassline) for your project or scene...... that will match the same visual edit points, or emulate the stylistic elements for your new song.
Step Three:  Now license your Custom Track, created by us, for you, and the same cost as licensing an "almost good enough" library track.
Justin Timberlake
Avril Lavigne
Nellie Furtado
R Kelly
Gwen Stefani
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