Recording, Mixing, Mastering & Audio Post  Production
Have a Hit Track, recorded on your home DAW - but insufficient computer resources to professionally mix and master? 
Does your band have the next track to explode on MySpace, if you actually had a recording of it? 
Then MasterWerkz is where you can have your hit music recorded, mixed and mastered. From across the country, we can send you a link to easily FTP all your files for our mixing service.  And return send the final broadcast wav masters.
Have multitrack digital tapes of earlier recordings with magical performances?
We can transfer, mix and master them.
Are you a singer/songwriter who knows the sound of a full band backing your guitar and vocals would make you song jump?
Are you a Singer with the voice of an Angel....if only you had the perfect original song, the band, and the recording to show everyone?
Then contact MasterWerkz.  Whatever is needed to record and expand your production needs, to make it competitive in the marketplace, we can provide.
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