Composing for Film/TV & Web
The importance of having the right music underscore your video or film is critical.  The emotional impact is elevated with successful music choices.
Library music and cues is one way.  We have music for you to consider in our Catalog & Licensing section.
However, the highest impact is always achieved when the music  is composed directly for your image. 
Developing and Independent filmmakers often believe this is beyond their budget.  You will be surprised at what opportunities creativity and the new technology can now provide.
We also seek projects certain projects with key elements to support with partial investment of our time and deferred cost recoupment.
Please take a moment and allow us to consider your creative needs, and  look for ways to help fuel your vision. 
We look forward to learning about your project.
Also consider our Sonic Signature service, where we can create custom
 original commercial music for your project, at "library music rates".
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