MasterWerkz has the tools and skills needed to create commercial music, either totally new, or closely emulative of current chart topping recordings.
MasterWerkz can also bring the musical vision of your film or video project to life.  
Starting with our Midi station, powered by a Dual Quad (8) processor server, driving Sonar, with over  60 different soft synths, and a massive, half Terabyte library, of sound samples,  loops and orchestral instruments, this station includes virtually every  library currently used in today's commerical music production.
For composing & scoring we use the incomparable VSL and GigaStudio.
Once the Midi production is complete, it is transferred through 48 optical channels into our Protools system.  Live instruments and vocals are added, then mixed and mastered.
NEW. MasterWerkz recetnly added 5.1 Surround  Mixing in Protools.  Powered by 7 Core Cards, and 72 channels of IO (48 Optiical Channels from Sonar), MasterWerkz combines live musicians, with the best of Midi (plug in and outboard gear) to create the sonic textures needed for each project (and budget).  Whether composing to picture, or capturing the newest goove for your next hit song, MasterWerkz can meet the writing and production needs of every independent artist and film maker.
Filmmakers.... check out our exception new service.... Sonic Signature
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